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In the last few months, Bamboo has launched Mobile Podcasting and Mobile User-Generated content services.  These services seek to “mobilize” highly popular Internet services, utilizing Bamboo’s advanced Push-Store-Play content delivery platform.   We sought an effective way to update you, share experiences, and hear your thoughts.  Thus, the idea of a newsletter was born.  Despite being live for only a short time, the services have generated much user feedback and interest from media and content partners, which will be the subject of future newsletters.  I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and would be happy to hear from you.


 1.  MobiPod: 

Bamboo has partnered with Britcaster, the leading portal of UK podcasters, to deliver MobiPod. With MobiPod, subscribers receive Tops of the Pods, Comedy365, TPN Rock, Podcast Paul and other leading UK podcasts automatically to their handsets.  The latest show is always on the handset, ready to be enjoyed immediately, without the user ever having to actively access the network to download anything.   Background download provides the optimal user experience: one click immediate access to the freshest and most recent podcast shows. No WAP Pull click and wait.  No daily browsing.  Users actually find the MobiPod experience superior to that of iPod & ITunes, which requires active content transfer from the PC.  Users win, as they simply subscribe once, then receive full-track 30-40 minute podcast updates automatically. Mobile operators benefit from the MobiPod model, as scheduled off-peak delivery makes large-file delivery feasible.   Finally, podcasters benefit by seeing their potential market grow significantly.


   To learn more about MobiPod, visit

   To subscribe to MobiPod, visit

   Press Release:


2.     Mobile Metacafe

Bamboo has partnered with Metacafe – a leading internet-based User Generated Content site – to mobilize Metacafe’s on-line community.  Bamboo’s Push, Store, & Play mobile media solution delivers Metacafe’s “Clip of the Day” to user handsets.  The automatic delivery, one click access nature of the service means that users don’t have to be technical experts to receive the most popular video, daily.  Rather, users subscribe to the service once then automatically receive the top-rated clips of the day to their phone.  From the user’s perspective, the entire service functions automatically: video files are downloaded in the background with no user involvement. After delivery, the clips is with a single click, for instantaneous use.  Playback is always of the highest quality, independent of network conditions. The service also manages phone storage, updating the application’s inbox as new clips are received. The service is emblematic of the new trend towards convergence, as users demand multiple ways to connect to their information, entertainment, and online communities.


To register to Metacafe Mobile, visit


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